The advantages of being an independent driver


Truck driving has a lot of opportunities for those who want to make a living on the road. Drivers are in high demand right now for transportation and logistics industries. Companies are in great need for skilled, qualified drivers to deliver and transport products as well as people to their destinations. For most drivers, they want to become an independent contractor.

Independent truck driver

Being an independent truck driver is like having your own business. You can belong to a fleet, or you can work alone. Being your own boss can be very exciting especially for the flexible time you put into work and the unlimited income you can bring home. Status Transportation is a company that wants good contract driver on their team.


2Independent contractor drivers can haul logistics as a delivery driver. The only thing you will need is a class D driver license if the vehicle doesn’t have air brakes. If it has air brakes, you will need a class B license CDL.

If you are pulling trailers, you will need a class A CDL with an endorsement for double or triples or tankers. You will have to show a DMV report of your driving record and a vehicle report telling the company that it passed the emissions test. They will also make sure your truck has a way to communicate back and forth with dispatch. If you have all these, it will make for a great advantage.

Disadvantages and advantages

Being an independent driver has a lot of challenges; there is a lot of perks in this line of work. One of the most important is you are running your own business; you are your own boss.
You will be able to do your own work schedule and what route you want to follow as well as who you want to employ. Having more employees will make more money for you as well. Another advantage is you can take a vacation anytime you like and for as long as you wish, just as long as you take care of your other employees needs.

3On the other hand, fuel maintenance will all come out of your pocket including parking and staying at a hotel if it is necessary. However, if you keep all your receipts, you will be able to deduct it from you taxes for that year. When it comes to having your own business, there are a lot of perks when you file your taxes; just about everything you spend out of pocket, you will get a percent of it back.

The Role Played By Funeral Directors

If you have never worked with a funeral director then know that these professionals play an indispensable role. They spend time with family and friends during the most difficult time. We need to celebrate what funeral directors do to the society as a whole. But do you know the actual role they play? Learn their various roles done by funeral directors.

Key roles played by funeral directors

  1. Provide emotional support

5467i87yktju6Losing a loved one is always emotionally stressing and it is at this time that you need emotional support. Funeral directors know how to talk and console the bereaved by helping them understand and cope with the loss. They encourage and help them with strategies on how to celebrate the life of the deceased and also how to cope up with the stress. Remember that funeral directors work with different mourning families hence they know various techniques to use in providing emotional support. When you work with a funeral director, you are sure of getting someone to support you throughout one of the most difficult time in your life.

  1. Funeral preparation

There are several roles that funeral directors play before the actual funeral. They organize for transportation of the deceased from place of death to the funeral home; help in completing all required paperwork; arrange for facilities needed for friends and family to view the deceased before the actual funeral; and help in preparing and placing obituaries and death notices in various media outlets such as local newspapers, online platforms, radio or television.

  1. Actual funeral

During this time, funeral directors are responsible for organizing the actual funeral service. They ensure that funeral arrangements are done to reflect the wishes of the deceased and the family, organize for special tributes including musical requests, organizing for the venue where the funeral service will take place, organizing for funeral vehicles that will be used to transport family, friends and the deceased, organizing the order of service sheets to be used in the funeral service, ordering for flowers and being in charge of all floral tributes delivered on behalf of the family, helping the family get suitable caskets or coffins, and accepting any donations for the family of the deceased.y46u7ikiyutju6

  1. After the funeral

According to funeralhelps.com, funeral director still helps the family and friends to prepare and send thank you or obituary cards. They also ensure that all products and services that had been ordered from various vendors have been paid for. Their aim is to leave the families and friends feeling better despite having lost and sent off their loved ones.

Screen Printing Problems And Their Solutions

Screen printing is among the modern techniques of printing. To the beginners, screen printing may pose a challenge to them. There are some problems one may encounter in the process of doing so. This article will highlight the problems and their solutions.

1. Color bleeding

This normally occurs when the paste used for printing is watery hence it bleeds to the surrounding areas of the motif and spoiling the cloth being printed. To solve this, one should always ensure that the printing paste is thick to enable it to stick to the fabric. One should also clean the bottom part of the screen during each of the printing times.5ry6u78uiuyjht

2. Unequal gaps between repeats

These gaps occur when the registration is not properly calculated. When the poor calculation is done, repeats of the design will not join leading to the creation of gaps between repeats. The solution is by use of colored chalk which will be used in marking repeats to be done on the fabric so that one knows where the screen is to be placed. The other solution would be using a colored strand. The strand can be placed at the edge of the design to enable the screen to be placed on the strand when doing a repeat. The strand can be removed when printing.

3. Irregular screen printing

This occurs when repeats are not adequately checked. This can be solved by thoroughly checking the repeats before placing them on the screen when processing the print.

4. Blockage or leakage of the screen

This may cause soiling of the fabric being printed on.it happens when the screen edges have not been blocked. In this case, the paste for printing will leak from the edges which cause soiling to the fabric. A masking tape should be taped to the screen before one proceeds with printing.

5. Color patches forming on the fabric

This is caused by the pigment of the printing paste not being evenly distributed onto the screen. The solution is having enough pigment of the paste so that it is evenly distributed eliminating this patch effect

6. Pinholes

These are caused by different reasons;

  1. grry6u7ytjrthThe mesh being used on the screen could be having dirt, oil or gum. If development was done before cleaning the screen, then there will be a blockage of light hence those portions affected can be easily washed off creating pinholes. The mesh should be thoroughly washed before it is stretched on the screen
  2. Underexposure of the screen during development also causes pinholes. This occurs during screen development when the due time was not enough. This makes the chemicals not to be developed sufficiently on the screen hence washed off during washing thereby creating pinholes. The solution is allowing the screen to have sufficient time to develop before washing.
  • Screen coating also creates pinholes. It occurs when the coating was not done well, and it was done only once. After the screen is washed then pinholes will develop. The solution is ensuring the screen is coated more than once before developing.

For screen printing Knoxville, TN make sure that you look for a reputable screen printing company that knows how to overcome the above discussed challenges. You can get one through doing a search online and going through the local listings to get the best services.


How to choose good work boots

Millions of American workers wear boots to work. The only challenge is that most of these workers do not realize how important it is to wear proper work boots. As a result, a majority of them wear low-quality footwear, exposing them to many workplace hazards, fatigue, and discomfort. While the benefits of good shoes for work cannot be understated, choosing the best pair is the only complicated process. This article will disclose to you how to choose good work boots.

How to Choose Good Work Boots

Choose work boots that properly accommodate your feet

At the end of your day at work, your feet should not be sore with blisters, squeezed kjbkjsabdvkjaskjdvkjasdvasdvastight or rubbed raw. Pretty tight footwear can lead to a couple of ailments, for instance, corns, blisters, ingrown toenails or worse. Thus, finding proper-fitting work boots is vital for full day comfort. To find the right size, shop for boots early evening or in the afternoon because feet tend to swell during the day. Trying out on new work boots when your feet are at their largest ensures that your footwear fits snugly, even on those long days.

Understand your work’s safety requirements

Knowing your work’s safety needs will help you in finding the best work boots. Consult your Human Resource Manager, safety manager or foreman to determine if there are any special safety needs for your specific job. Additionally, it is important to review the guidelines set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to ensure you select the right footwear to protect you from job site hazards.

Know the type of work boot you require

The type of work boots you select should depend on the nature of your work. Some important features to consider before buying your work boots include weight, height, insulation, water resistance, style, and construction. When temperatures go low, insulated boots are a perfect choice for outdoor use. On the other hand, taller boots are ideal for protection in deep woods while shorter boots are not only better for all-round use but also cooler and lighter.

Consider quality and durability

Top quality work boots have excellent textile or leather linings that last for long. It is also vital to look for durable and top-notch leather stitching to ensure your work boots are comfortable. Some of the top brands to consider include Timberland, Wesco, Redwing, Keen, and Chippewa.

Consider the available safety features

To get the best work boots, look for the availabllnjsabdjbsakvkasbvkjsabdvasvasve safety features. Essential safety features to look out for include outsole grips, thick soles, electrical resistance, steel toes, metatarsal protection, aluminum toes, and cushioned insoles.

According to the United States Department of Labor, falls, strains and sprains were among the leading causes of absenteeism at work. Whether you are a delivery truck driver, a carpenter, a construction worker, a landscaper or a plumber, finding good work boots is not only essential for your safety but also for high productivity. Besides protecting your toes, wearing the right boots to work can also protect you from exposed nails, slippery surfaces, electrical charges, and even cold temperatures.


Hiring an electrical contractor

Electricity is the driver of the modern world. From running manufacturing plants to keeping newborns warm on hospitals, we do need electricity in our lives. However, it is known to be dangerous if not well implemented. In some cases, it has been known to take lives through electrocution, basically due to ignorance. The good news is that numerous safety measures have been put in place to ensure that it can be well used. For that reason, it is crucial to hire a professional or contractor to take care of all your installations and repair. And to ensure the safety of everyone, it is better to hire a qualified technician. In this article, we will take a look at how to select an electrical contractor.

Choosing the best electrical contractor


The government has a duty to ensure that its citizens can access infrastructur
e and get professional services delivered to them. For these reasons, they have procedures through which they approve certain people to carry out given operations based on their qualification. To make sure that an electrical contractor is qualified to offer you quality services, first check their license. If they fail to avail one, you are advised to stay away from them. Make sure that this is the first thing you check when approached by a contractor. Also, note that you might be asked to redo all your wiring when it is discovered that the contractor that worked on it had no license.


Actions speak louder than words, therefore, when a contractor tells you that they are exceptionally good at their job, do not take their word for it, ask for a portfolio. By viewing the previous clients, and even in some cases politely inquiring from them, you can easily tell if the contractor is telling the truth. This will also act as an indicator that they can accomplish a lot of work. It is therefore very important to make sure that you see their previous work before you make a deal.


It is not a good idea to hire a contractor without having a budget to take care of everything. By properly planning, you can easily prepare yourself financially and be able to fund the whole operation without drawbacks. Therefore make sure that the contractor can give you estimates so that you can come up with a budget and find the money needed to fund it.


Ways to make water safe for drinking

Water is crucial to the survival of life, both animals, and plants. Water is the building block that ensures that we stay alive. The biggest problem right now, in most parts of the world is getting access to safe drinking water. Unlike other animals, the human body is delicate and cannot safely treat unclean water. If you drink water directly from the river, like cattle or sheep, you will fall ill. Moreover, there are numerous water borne diseases that can be transmitted through water. This is why water treatment is very important. There are several ways to make water safe for drinking, and we will be taking a look at these methods.

Making water safe for drinking


Boiling is one of the ancient methods of making water safe for drinking. When water is boiled, the harmful microorganisms in it will be killed and therefore make it safe for drinking. It is important, even today, which you boil your water whenever you can. Even at home, rather than depend on chemical water treatments, it is better to just boil the water, let it settle then use it for drinking. This method is practical and can be applied anywhere, be it during camping, travel, or even when you are visiting a new place that doesn’t have clean drinking water available.

UV treatment

It is simply marvelous how far human technology has come. For instance, it is now possible to treat water using Ultra Violet rays. All you need for this process to work is a gadget that is made to do just that. Make sure that you take your time to pick the best one, preferably if it is portable. With this method, you can treat water in a short time, to be precise, about 90 seconds. UV is very good at killing or rather disintegrating single cell organisms, which constitute of all the known disease-causing organisms in water. This is a great choice, as they come in all shapes and sizes. You can even get one that is designed to treat a lot of water for your home.


Filters are very common these days, and gettilmldsknfblkndfbndslkfnblkdblkndbsng them is not much of hustle. Filters are especially good for getting rid of impurities in water. Therefore, if you are more interested in getting rid of substances in water, then this is the go to method. For instance, if you dig a well in some places, you will notice that the water might have a taste that is not pleasant. In such a case, using a filter is the best choice as it will get rid of the taste.