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Over the course of our Nation's military history, tens of thousands of War Dogs served during W.W.I, W.W.II, Korea, Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Bosnia, and continue to serve our peacekeeping missions around the globe.  America's War Dogs have a long and legendary history for bravery and courage on thousands of unnamed foreign fields of battle; saving countless American lives.
Some military analysts estimate as many as ten thousand U.S. and allied lives were saved during the Vietnam War alone.  The casualty rates in all other wars were significantly reduced by thousands as a result of deploying our four–footed soldiers!

These animals performed specialty duties as Scout, Sentry, Tracker, Mine & Booby Trap, Tunnel, Water Patrol, Coast Guard,  Search & Rescue and Explosive Detection. Our War Dogs  were not mascots; they were highly trained and proficient four-footed Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors. 

They had names like Prince, Rolf, Baron, Clipper, Rip, Caesar, Duke, Lucky, Kobuc, Smokey, Flop, Erich, Thea, Rebel, Opal, Tiger, Kelly, Renee, Alex and Dutch to name a few.

Our War Dogs worked for food, water and the love and companionship of their handlers.  In return, our War Dogs never gave up on the battlefield.  This is why we must honor them with a national memorial in Washington D.C.

Prior to the '60's families from across America donated War Dogs to serve in the military.

War Dogs during both World Wars were recognized for their courage, heroism and valor a few were even decorated with medals as the soldiers they were.  Many were returned to the donating families after the wars.

Between W.W.II and the '60's things changed.  America's War Dogs were no longer eligible for special recognition and the military contracted for the purchase of War Dogs. 

All they ever asked for was food, water, and the affection of their handler

Approximately 4,000 War Dogs served our Armed Forces during The Vietnam War.  All were classified as equipment and termed expendable!  Roughly 250 were reassigned to other military installations. The several thousand surviving heroes were either given to the South Vietnamese Army or euthanized, by order of our government, in its haste to withdraw from the country. 
American base camps, now completely abandoned, are littered with War Dog graveyards, once maintained by their handlers as hallowed ground.  No War Dog remains have ever been exhumed and returned to American soil for proper burial.

American families donated many dogs to the cause.  Not one surviving War Dog hero was ever returned to an American Family to live out the rest of their life in peace after the Vietnam War. 

This is why we can not give up on the long over due nationally mandated memorial in their honor.  We, as a free nation, owe it to these War Dogs. 

The American people need to officially recognize and honor the services and sacrifices of our Nation's War Dogs, from all wars, by establishing a "National War Dog Memorial" in our Nation's Capitol of Washington D.C. Check out some great health products at http://analbleachingguide.com/vaginal-ligtening-creams.

In exchange they gave obedience, courage, unwavering devotion to their duty, and in the end... their lives.


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