Alternative Sources of Income You Can Consider

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has taught us a hard lesson. The rainy days can come anytime and we should be always ready. Otherwise, we can go through the same hard times. While things are easing up, looking for an alternative sources of income to supplement our main means of livelihood is a way to prepare for the future.

Here are some alternative sources of income you can consider while keeping your old source of income.

Conduct Tutorials

With the advancement of technology, you can do tutorials even while you are at home. You can also conduct lessons for students on subject matters that you are good at. For example, if you are a math wizard, a math tutorial will surely be a hit as many students hate math. You can also hold piano or ballet lessons for kids during the weekend if you are good at them.

Create Your YouTube Channel

Many have followed this path already and some are highly successful with their YouTube channels. The prospect of a high salary is at stake if you come up with an interesting content that can draw subscribers to your channel. Start filming your daily content now and learn some basic things like editing. It is an enjoyable job if your content is all about what interest you.

Start a Blog

If you have an inkling for writing, starting your own blog can also be a profitable endeavor. You have to know your target readers first. This way, you will know what to write on your blog. Be sure to choose topics that you are good at or else you will spend most of the time researching. But blogs do not have to be based on books. You can write about anything under the sun. There will always be some people who be interested.

Sell Online

The advantage of choosing to sell online over a land-based stores is that your reach is far and wide. You also do not have to rent your space. It is also possible to start with a few items. Many have been successful doing online business. If you are active in social media, it can be a good starting point.

Start a Health Club

Even before the pandemic, more people are into healthy lifestyle. Start refreshing your Zumba moves and start your health club at the plaza right away. You can charge per session or you can ask for membership fees. Explore other activities such as yoga sessions, running, cycling, and others. You have many options here.


4 Types of Podcasts You Can Use


Pros: This is the most common format used because it is easy to do. Sometimes talking to yourself can be limiting. But when you have an expert to talk to and an exciting topic, it can turn into a meaningful conversation which everybody can listen to. It’s also a good way for you and your listeners to learn something new. There is a wide range of topics to choose from.

How to Get Your Audience?

Telephone – Simply record your call on your smartphone using a phone recording app. You’ll just need to sync it to your computer and edit it or edit it directly on your phone.

Skype – All you need is a computer or smartphone, a microphone, Skype, and you’re good to go. With a Skype call recording tool, the audio will be recorded.

One-on-one – This may require you additional microphone for your guest.

Cons: It can be hard getting guests to commit to a new show. You might be able to convince people you know and later on invite other people after you’ve set a good reputation. You also have to research a topic if you want a smooth and meaningful conversation. This can take some time. To make it easier, you take notes on cue cards while you research.


This variation of podcasts is where a single host introduces three or more semi-regular guests to discuss a topic. It is commonly found it gaming podcasts and is usually longer than the standard one. This makes it suitable in live broadcast and YouTube channels. One downside of it all is that organizing a round table podcast can be time-consuming, but it will be worth it.


Pros: Technicality wise, it’s easier to pull off a solo podcast and editing would be so much simpler to do. You also have a flexible time. Booking a guest wouldn’t be your problem, because you have control over your schedule. Doing a solo podcast is an easy way to voice out your opinion without arguing with someone about it. This way, you can establish your reputation quickly.

Cons: It takes a special kind of skill to be able to improvise monologue for hours and not getting your audience bored. Your listeners wouldn’t want a scripted type of monologue, so don’t overdo reading your script. You can list down the topics and subtopics you want to discuss so you would have an organized flow of thoughts.


Pros: Since a lot of opinions would be laid out, it’s easier to keep the show moving. Panel podcasts can garner fans quickly because of host-guest chemistry. With a lot of ideas and perspectives from different people, you will bring much more content for your audience.

Cons: In creating a panel podcast, it would require so much work compared to other types of podcasts. You would need a couple of more microphones and equipment to adjust according to the several sources of sound. Also, booking guests can be a tough job. You would need to find a schedule wherein all of your guests are available and convince them to come to your show.



The advantages of being an independent driver


Truck driving has a lot of opportunities for those who want to make a living on the road. Drivers are in high demand right now for transportation and logistics industries. Companies are in great need for skilled, qualified drivers to deliver and transport products as well as people to their destinations. For most drivers, they want to become an independent contractor.

Independent truck driver

Being an independent truck driver is like having your own business. You can belong to a fleet, or you can work alone. Being your own boss can be very exciting especially for the flexible time you put into work and the unlimited income you can bring home. Status Transportation is a company that wants good contract driver on their team.


cardIndependent contractor drivers can haul logistics as a delivery driver. The only thing you will need is a class D driver license if the vehicle doesn’t have air brakes. If it has air brakes, you will need a class B license CDL.

If you are pulling trailers, you will need a class A CDL with an endorsement for double or triples or tankers. You will have to show a DMV report of your driving record and a vehicle report telling the company that it passed the emissions test. They will also make sure your truck has a way to communicate back and forth with dispatch. If you have all these, it will make for a great advantage.

Disadvantages and advantages

Being an independent driver has a lot of challenges; there is a lot of perks in this line of work. One of the most important is you are running your own business; you are your own boss.
You will be able to do your own work schedule and what route you want to follow as well as who you want to employ. Having more employees will make more money for you as well. Another advantage is you can take a vacation anytime you like and for as long as you wish, just as long as you take care of your other employees needs.

moneyOn the other hand, fuel maintenance will all come out of your pocket including parking and staying at a hotel if it is necessary. However, if you keep all your receipts, you will be able to deduct it from you taxes for that year. When it comes to having your own business, there are a lot of perks when you file your taxes; just about everything you spend out of pocket, you will get a percent of it back.