How to choose good work boots

Millions of American workers wear boots to work. The only challenge is that most of these workers do not realize how important it is to wear proper work boots. As a result, a majority of them wear low-quality footwear, exposing them to many workplace hazards, fatigue, and discomfort. While the benefits of good shoes for work cannot be understated, choosing the best pair is the only complicated process. This article will disclose to you how to choose good work boots.

How to Choose Good Work Boots

Choose work boots that properly accommodate your feet

At the end of your day at work, your feet should not be sore with blisters, squeezed footweartight or rubbed raw. Pretty tight footwear can lead to a couple of ailments, for instance, corns, blisters, ingrown toenails or worse. Thus, finding proper-fitting work boots is vital for full day comfort. To find the right size, shop for boots early evening or in the afternoon because feet tend to swell during the day. Trying out on new work boots when your feet are at their largest ensures that your footwear fits snugly, even on those long days.

Understand your work’s safety requirements

Knowing your work’s safety needs will help you in finding the best work boots. Consult your Human Resource Manager, safety manager or foreman to determine if there are any special safety needs for your specific job. Additionally, it is important to review the guidelines set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to ensure you select the right footwear to protect you from job site hazards.

Know the type of work boot you require

The type of work boots you select should depend on the nature of your work. Some important features to consider before buying your work boots include weight, height, insulation, water resistance, style, and construction. When temperatures go low, insulated boots are a perfect choice for outdoor use. On the other hand, taller boots are ideal for protection in deep woods while shorter boots are not only better for all-round use but also cooler and lighter.

Consider quality and durability

Top quality work boots have excellent textile or leather linings that last for long. It is also vital to look for durable and top-notch leather stitching to ensure your work boots are comfortable. Some of the top brands to consider include Timberland, Wesco, Redwing, Keen, and Chippewa.

Consider the available safety features

To get the best work boots, look for the availablfootwear 2e safety features. Essential safety features to look out for include outsole grips, thick soles, electrical resistance, steel toes, metatarsal protection, aluminum toes, and cushioned insoles.

According to the United States Department of Labor, falls, strains and sprains were among the leading causes of absenteeism at work. Whether you are a delivery truck driver, a carpenter, a construction worker, a landscaper or a plumber, finding good work boots is not only essential for your safety but also for high productivity. Besides protecting your toes, wearing the right boots to work can also protect you from exposed nails, slippery surfaces, electrical charges, and even cold temperatures.