Ways to make water safe for drinking

Water is crucial to the survival of life, both animals, and plants. Water is the building block that ensures that we stay alive. The biggest problem right now, in most parts of the world is getting access to safe drinking water. Unlike other animals, the human body is delicate and cannot safely treat unclean water. If you drink water directly from the river, like cattle or sheep, you will fall ill. Moreover, there are numerous water borne diseases that can be transmitted through water. This is why water treatment is very important. There are several ways to make water safe for drinking, and we will be taking a look at these methods.

Making water safe for drinking


Boiling is one of the ancient methods of making water safe for drinking. When water is boiled, the harmful microorganisms in it will be killed and therefore make it safe for drinking. It is important, even today, which you boil your water whenever you can. Even at home, rather than depend on chemical water treatments, it is better to just boil the water, let it settle then use it for drinking. This method is practical and can be applied anywhere, be it during camping, travel, or even when you are visiting a new place that doesn’t have clean drinking water available.

UV treatment

It is simply marvelous how far human technology has come. For instance, it is now possible to treat water using Ultra Violet rays. All you need for this process to work is a gadget that is made to do just that. Make sure that you take your time to pick the best one, preferably if it is portable. With this method, you can treat water in a short time, to be precise, about 90 seconds. UV is very good at killing or rather disintegrating single cell organisms, which constitute of all the known disease-causing organisms in water. This is a great choice, as they come in all shapes and sizes. You can even get one that is designed to treat a lot of water for your home.


Filters are very common these days, and gettifilterng them is not much of hustle. Filters are especially good for getting rid of impurities in water. Therefore, if you are more interested in getting rid of substances in water, then this is the go to method. For instance, if you dig a well in some places, you will notice that the water might have a taste that is not pleasant. In such a case, using a filter is the best choice as it will get rid of the taste.